2015 Adoptions


48 Cats & 23 Dogs

As of 2/28/15

Where are they now?

...once upon a time in foster homes in and around a town called Greece, NY, there were homeless GRASP pets patiently waiting for that special person to come along and see the love and companionship they longed to give. Some waited weeks, some months, some even longer, but then one day that special someone arrived and brought them home where they belonged and will remain happily ever after...

The end.

But wait! It's not the end, it's just the beginning and we'd love to hear from you too!

Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a photo and any comments you'd like to share to let others know where they are now. Thanks and enjoy!


July 2014:



The first week of June, I stepped up to foster a 14 wk old tuxedo kitten named Ringo. Within minutes I knew the little rascal would have his fur-ever home with me, no doubt about it! Ringo (now Hiccup) is now just about 23 weeks old and loving life with his big sister, Rosie.

- Rory



June 2014:



This is Nessie she was adopted in 2012. She is now a very pampered pooch and loving life with her pet parents!



May 2014:


ashesWe adopted Pumpkin and Ashes through GRASP,  on Valentine's day, 2013. They were four years old at the time. We absolutely LOVE them to pieces! They are amazing cats, and very spoiled. They have made our house a home. Pumpkin is definitely a Mama's boy. He tells me when it's time for bed, and waits patiently( well, sometimes patiently) for me to come to bed. Ashes is more of a Daddy's girl, and also loves her human sister. She speaks to her daddy and they carry on a conversation almost daily.  She LOVES to show off her adorable tummy, but will draw blood if you try to touch it! We love them both so much!  Thank you so much GRASP for ALL that you do for these animals, by giving them a second chance, and providing people like us the opportunity to adopt them!




I just wanted you to know how well Libby has settled in -- she has totally won my heart with her sweet,loving nature...Libby is the perfect antidote for a grieving cat owner (I had to say goodbye to my old companion, Pumpkin, after 15 years this past January)...as I write this, Libby is sleeping peacefully on my lap.  :)  Thanks for your help in uniting me with her!  - Susan



AutumnJust wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that Autumn has settled in here with us.  My girls just LOVE her and she seems to think she rules the roost...she has no problem getting into anything that interests her, but seems to be most fond of dirty socks (ewwww).  Here's a pic the girls took of Autumn in one of her favorite spots to sit...I've just about totally given up on being able to sit at the table and work on my computer, lol  - Michelle, Steve, Melissa & Mackenzie




April 2014:



Lexi (now Pixie) was adopted in March of 2014.  Her new family sent in an update: "we love her a lot and she has fit right into our family nicely and gets along with my other dog very well."





I adopted Abby (called Boots on your website) last Aug (2013). She was a feral kitten and was a little shy at first but has turned out to be an affectionate little fluff ball.  She greets me at the door every time I come home and sleeps curled up next to my head every night. She talks a lot and is very active.  I am grateful to GRASP for taking her in and looking after her until she came home with me. She loves her fellow kitties here and we love her, too. :)



February 2014:



AJ was adopted January 2013. He LOVES to be held and carried around by his new dad! He just looks up at him with lovely eyes and purrs like crazy! So cute.




January 2014:


Daisy was adopted in April 2013.  Her new family sent in this note:

She is a great addition to our family and we love her so much!  She is so much fun- full of energy and she makes us laugh everyday.  Of course she loves to chase squirrels and keeps all sorts of critters in check in the yard!  She is very smart and loves to lay in front of the fire on cold days.  We can't thank GRASP enough, especially Jen for fostering her in her time of need.  :)  ~Margaret, Gerry and family



December 2013:


Tallie, a little Terrier mix was adopted in November, 2013. Here is what her new mom had to share:

We have all adjusted great to Tallie being added to our family. Tallie has a lot of personality and love to share. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. We are so thankful that GRASP saw fit to match us with Tallie. She is such a great girl!




November 2013:



Francie (now Callie) and Frankie (now Ziva) were adopted together in July 2013. These photos were taken on 8/10/13.





 November 2013:


 Socks was adopted on Valentine's Day 2013. His mom says he's wonderful! He is playful and loving and gets along well with people, kids, and other cats. From the first hour that he was brought home he fit right in with the family like he's always been there. The whole family loves Socks and thanks GRASP for making this match possible.



August 2013:



Link (originally Fargo) is just over a year old and such a well behaved and good cat. His mom is attempting to get him to learn a few more tricks. He's a quick learner! Click here to see a video of Link doing tricks!





August 2013:


When we read Bear's Bio we knew he would be perfect for us. He is a cuddler, talker and mature - like us!! It wasn't until I filled out the application for Bear that I realized that we had Puff Kitty for 11 years, and he was an old cat when we took him in. Bear has done some serious exploring and has a favorite spot in every room. The ultimate spot is sleeping on Jim. If Jim is outside, Bear is perched in the Bay window watching. Bear loves a lot of attention, so I get my fair share of Bear hugs! We are so pleased to have found him and share our home with him.
Thank you so much GRASP, we are very happy!


July 2013:


Luke has been in his forever home over 2 years. He is a super loyal (or needy) guy who follows his human everywhere, so he appreciates having someone to meow at, give him treats, brush him, play with him, and sleep with him. He is  forever thankful to GRASP for giving him a loving home until he found a permanent one.



 June 2013:


We've had Lulu (AKA - Mowgli) since Thursday evening and she's settling in nicely. She's so sweet and playful and SNUGGLY!! I love it! She's adjusting to our dog nicely too. She ventures a little closer every time. I'm sure they'll be best friends in no time. We are so happy to have her in our family! Thank you!!





June 2013:


We adopted "Hale" (on left in photo) on May 29. We brought him home to meet our two year old, "Mack". (Hale has been re-named "Colby" so now we have Mack and cheese!). Mack was curious about him and there was no aggression at all. In fact if Mack seemed scared of Colby, the little guy would flop down and tuck his front paws under his chest as if saying, "Look! I'm not gonna hurt you!" Within hours they were walking around the house together and by the next day they were sleeping on my bed together! Now they are best buddies!




June 2013:


Rox (a.k.a Rocks) has been with the Cirulli Family for one whole year now and is doing awesome!

When we first adopted Rox he was very nervous around people but has made leaps and bounds since then. He loves to go to the dog park, run with us, chase sticks, and just chill around with his family. Rox is a very good-natured dog and we love him very much! Thank you GRASP for helping us find the best puppy on the planet earth :)




June 2013:



Lilbit (now Freja) and Gaia (now Iris) were adopted December 2012 and are doing very well and are very happy with Sampson (see May 2012 below) and their two other sisters. Freja (Lilbit) was the kitty who had a broken jaw and Iris (Gaia) was her sister. They are both such sweeties!




April 2013:


Dijon (aka Buddy) was adopted in February. Here is what his mom had to say:

We adopted our polydactyl (on all four feet!) Turkish Van, Thumbuddy (aka Buddy, hence the name Thumb Buddy) and our lives have not been quite the same since. We were not familiar with the Van characteristics (he's not a purebred but definitely favors that breed with all the classic markings but the fluffy tail), so we're learning from him - intelligent, voracious appetite (for even broccoli and cauliflower!), extremely playful and active - romp 'til you drop, very devoted to human family. His foster mom, Tricia, and her family did a superb job of socializing him; we expected that he'd hide out in the upstairs bedroom (his safe space) for at least a couple days before venturing out to explore the rest of the house. It took him less than four hours to be out and about. By the second day, he had laid claim to the entire house. He's extremely intelligent and now goes in search of his toy mice on command ("Go get your mousie," produces any number of mice in various stages of health - he often "skins" them!); he also knows his Cosmic Kitty Herbs are "salad," and trots over to have a sample when we mention the word. As the picture shows, he's Grandma's Precious Baby Boy and very much enjoys his status; he loves all of us, but Grandma has a special place in his heart. He's wound those great big mitts of his right around our heartstrings! And yes, unlike most cats, he DOES have opposable thumbs and knows how to use them!


April 2013:



Pierre was adopted last month and has settled right in with his new family!

GRASP was delighted to see Pierre at a recent craft show and Pierre was a big hit with everyone.

He has come so far and looks amazing!



 January 2013:



Nova was adopted in October 2012.

She loves her forever home and family and is doing great!




December 2012:

SUMATI NewHomeSumati (renamed Juno) was adopted in November 2012. This is what her new mom wanted to share:

We just adore her and she loves her new home. She is a rambuctious little kitten who gets into everything but is also so cuddly! She loves to sleep right between us every night! We could not be happier with her and we were pleased with our experience with GRASP. I could not picture my life without her! Thank you! ~Cara



December 2012:

Citrus (renamed Ontario, Rio for short) was adopted in November 2012. This is what his new mom wanted to share:CitrusNewHome

I've had him about 2 weeks and he's everything that I hoped for! He immediately loved my dog and older cat and tried to play with them as soon as he came in the door! It only took 1 day for everyone to get along and he has given much needed confidence to my oder cat who hasn't been the same since her brother passed away this summer. Rio is hilarious in the morning - such a personality and an appetite! He loves to play in my sunroom and bats around his toys like he's a hockey player. He loves to tell me about his day when I get home from work and follows me around the house to make sure he gets involved if I am doing anything fun. For as energetic as he is, when he wants to be loved he is the sweetest cat! He curls up in my lap every evening and now he thinks its a grand idea to sleep on my bed at night (he is not shy with taking up space as you can see by his picture). With 2 cats and a dog sometimes I don't have room! We are a happy family once again. Thanks to you all for everything that you do! ~Jen


 September 2012:


We adopted Zoey (formerly call Pittypat) in January 2012. She has become such a wonderful addition to our family. She loves to be active, sprinting around the yard and playing with her toys, but as soon as we sit down she is so excited to curl up in a ball with her head on our laps. She is so good-natured and loving. We absolutely could not be happier with our sweet girl, and we are so thankful to have found her. Thank you GRASP! ~Ryan and Rachel.




June 2012:

Pili was adopted this month and was renamed Ripley. Here's what her new family had to share:


My wife and I adopted Pili (now called Ripley) and we are in love! She is a wonderful dog...great with our almost 5 year old son and our cat Kirby. She loves to play and run but will sit in your lap and be a lazy lap dog as well. Ripley has the best disposition of any dog we've ever had. Just simply a lover!! In just one week she was definitely at home! Thank you for Pili...we couldn't be happier to have her in our family.



May 2012:

Sampson was adopted in October 2010. He came to GRASP in 2009 with a broken leg that was later amputated. He found a wonderful home and continues to do well. His dad shared this photo of Sampson (on left) snoozing with his sister Lucy.



April 2012:

Archie is adjusting very well. He loves going for car rides, having his belly scratched, and going on long walks. He has learned so many tricks and is scheduled to attend obedience in April. Thank you GRASP and especially Karla for bring Archie and I together. We are a great team!Archie



April 2012:



Blitzel was adopted in February 2012 and has been re-named Aida. Here's what her mom has to say: Aida looks like she is smiling in this picture. She loves the park! She has brought much happiness to us! She is doing much better in school now that she is overcoming her fear of other dogs. Thank you to GRASP for rescuing this wonderful girl! Mary L. 



April 2012:

fraidyWe adopted a tiny kitten named Sparrow from GRASP in July 2008. She was so timid, we changed her name to Fraidy. Our Fraidy Cat is so attached to us now, she follows us around the house and likes to join in the talk when our family is conversing in the kitchen. Our dog, Sasha, will alert us when Fraidy needs food, water or attention, as if Fraidy is her own cat. They are best sisters. Fraidy's special spot in on our couch, where the family spends the most time. She is doing excellent and is an amazing little kitty. We are so happy that she is part of our family. Janet, Joe and Jackson



February 2012:

Dear Grasp and Foster family: Just a short note to say we love our new home! We were adopted by Kim, Jim and Kelly just before Christmas 2011. We admit we were very scared at first but once we found out how much food, love and most of all PLAYING we had at our new home we settled in just fine. We miss our Kelly and don't understand what happened to her (went back to college) but our Grandma and Grandpa are doing their very best to keep us entertained! We just have to figure out why they don't like us going onto those high places that have food on them and why they don't like sharing their drinks with us?? We miss our mom and foster sibling but are very happy! Thanks GRASP & foster family.




Stella Neol (AKA Elmo) - top kitty with collar

Luna Bell (AKA Goofball or Puddy Tat)



February 2012:

sadie2Sadie was adopted Nov. 2011. Here's her update: Sadie goes hiking everyday, sleeps under the covers w/ me. Lol. She is spoiled, and deserves every bit of it! She is an amazing dog! One big love bug! We thank her everyday for coming into our lives ;) thank you so much for choosing us as her forever family! All our best, Lee



January 2012:

trooperTrooper was adopted in Dec. 2011. Here's what his new mom had to say: "I had my Sammy for 17 1/2 wonderful years and there wasn't a second of any day that my life wasn't wrapped around hers. When she passed a part of me went with her. I waited 6 months till I felt it was the right time to love another. All I wanted for Christmas was another cat to love. Dudley did all the research, going to Petco and finding out the times for the adoption events and printing multiple pages of pictures of adoptable cats. Trooper took a hold of my heart the second I saw him. He is doing excellent! He greets me every day when I come home from work and gives me a love I can't explain. He is so amazing, just a blessing to us. I smile and feel happy again. He rescued me. Thanks again to Dudley. It takes a pretty special man to do all he did to see me return to the person I used to be. I feel complete again."



June 2011:

RalphieGentle Ben was adopted in June 2008 and renamed Ralphie. Here's what Ralphie's dad (shown in photo) had to share:

"We love this dog very much. He's part of the family, not just a pet to us. He sure has changed since we first got him. He is a GREAT friend, and I tell anyone we can, how and where we got Ralphie. He was a bit wild when we first got him, but he has gotten very gentle and calm, except when someone knocks on the door! We can't thank you all enough for this dog, and all the other animals you all have helped."


September 2010:

Max&ShaeWe adopted Jake (now Max) in April 2010 (left in picture). Max has become a WONDERFUL addition to our family and is a very happy dog. Our family included myself, my husband, our 3 kids, dog-Shae, 3 cats, and a horse. We were seeking a companion for Shae (right in picture). As soon as we saw Max's picture on the website we just knew he was the one. We brought the family, including Shae, to meet him & it was an immediate connection. We live on an old dairy farm. The property includes big barns, a pond, and ~100 acres of land. As soon as we let the dogs outside they both pounce off the porch and just run & play nonstop. A favorite game of theirs is playing tag and usually involves running around a car, tree, or their free standing kennel... they are really, really compatible and very entertaining to watch. I can't figure out why he wasn't snatched up before we came along but we're certainly VERY happy about that. He is an absolutely wonderful dog and we are so happy that he is part of our family.

August 2010:

Jillie (sorry no photo) was adopted 8/1/00. She has been the best little cat that her mom could have asked for. What a personality! Many thanks to Donna who fostered her for GRASP.


July 2010:

This is in memory of Katie who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge 7/22/19. Thank you Andy.

On September 24, 1998, I adopted a small terrier mix named Katie. Over the next eleven years, Katie gave me more happiness and love than I ever could have imagined. She was an energetic, smart and fun loving dog who knew dogsmallwhat she wanted and how to enjoy life, from waking-up early to eat, long walks to playing with her toys. She also liked to roll around in the grass and let the sun shine on her tummy. On this day exactly one year ago, I had to say goodbye to my precious Katie due to kidney failure. It broke my heart to let her go, but somehow I think she knew that she was being freed to a better place. I could never adequately convey my appreciation for your giving Katie to me and I hope someone else will find in a dog or cat what I found in Katie. Thank you for the great work you do in providing homes to homeless animals.


 July 2010:

FryLeelaFry and Leela are doing very well. I can't believe how much they've grown in just a couple weeks. They are very playful and mischievous. They've hidden a box on us (I swear I have no idea where it's gone!) and love playing with their "da bird" feather on a string. The two of them love to wrestle, especially around 5:30 am, on our bed. Clearly they think that breakfast at 6:30am is too late. The curtain in our bedroom had to be permanently taken down because they love to pull things down. They are still exploring the condo and you can hear little paws zooming through rooms at all hours of the day. They are quite a joy and I love them very much. Yesterday when I sat on the sofa they both came over and jumped in my lap and stayed there for a nice cat nap.

June 2010:

Cheltzie1Let me introduce Cheltzie...(adopted May 2010...formally known as Shelby) Cheltzie was a GRASP foster dog placed in my home. My two male dogs just fell in love with her, and even though she tried to run away 4 times the first week, so did I! She has the sweetest temperament, beautiful blue eyes, and smart!! I have begun training her to take the therapy dog certification test in the Fall!

December 2010 update: Cheltzie passed her therapy dog test! You go girl! :-)


June 2010:

duncan maddie adults"Hi, we're Maddie & Duncan, the furry 'kids' of John & Leslie Morelli of Clarkson. Maybe you know our mom - she's Brockport's Village Clerk. In May 2006 when we were just kittens, the D&C wrote an article about us and took our picture with the mechanic that rescued us from a car engine (photo not shown here). Mom and Dad adopted us from the nice people at GRASP and we've lived happily ever after."




June 2010:

Dusty -Dioji-June-2010This is Dioji with his big brother Dusty settling in after a tough day of playing. We couldn't have asked for a better puppy ... and Dusty agrees! He has brought so much joy to our home, words can't begin to describe. We had lost our 4 year old lab mix to cancer so the whole family was very distraught. I was really concerned about Dusty as he would just mope around and had no desire to play or do anything. Dioji changed all that! Dusty hasn't stopped smiling, nor have we for that matter. So, we didn't "rescue" Dioji ... he rescued us. And not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that Dioji came into our lives. He's the greatest!


May 2010:



Panda, a landseer newfoundland, was adopted 10 years ago. At first he was afraid of everything and it took about a year for him to transition into the strong boy he has been ever since. His dad says that Panda has been his best friend! This photo was submitted May 2010.



May 2010:

AbrahamGRASP dog gives back...Meet Abraham...adopted by foster in 2007 and now is a certified therapy dog. Abraham (Hammy) is working with children in school helping them learn to read! This photo was submitted May 2010.



May 2010:

RufusRufus, a chocolate lab with allergy issues, was adopted in January 2010. As of April, his mom says he's doing wonderfully! Almost all of the hairless spots now have hair on them and his eyes are back to normal. Rufus loves his new brothers, Rocky (Doberman), and his mom's two sons Ethan and Damon. This photo, submitted May 2010, is of Rufus with Rocky.




October 2009:

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know how wonderful it's been with George (no photo provided). He is certainly "part of the family" now. Everyone loves him and comments on how beautiful he is and how proud he stands - even family members who are not "dog people" give George compliments. So, all is good here, thanks for the opportunity. ~AP



In late 2009 we told you about Sampson, a gentle, orange & white stray brought into a local vet clinic with a broken leg. The good samaratin who found him suspected that he'd been hit by a car, and while she did make a financial donation, she couldn't assume responsibility for his medical care, nor could she bring him into her home to recover after treatment. GRASP was phoned for help and we decided to apply some money remaining in our Angel Fund toward his vet care. Tragically, X-rays of Sampson's leg revealed that he was not hit by a car, but shot in the leg! His femur was shattered and pieces of the bullet were littered around inside of his leg, so the entire leg had to be amputated. The vet who did Sampson's surgery offered to take him home for fostering and both the Democrat & Chronicle and TV Channel 13 did news stories on him. Dozens upon dozens of calls came flooding in with offers of financial support and interest in adopting Sampson. Sampson recovered beautifully and found his forever home as is doing well.



Lucky-with-swanIn early 2009 we told you about a kitten found by a local mail carrier lying motionless near the side of the road. We reached out to all of you for financial (Angel Fund) and foster-care help. Lucky had the eye surgery she needed, went into foster care, healed beautifully and was adopted by a wonderful family. Here is an April 2010 photo of our one-eyed kitten looking amazing!



Feb. 2010

Spanky found his forever home in August 2009. Spanky is now known as Dalton. He turned 1 years old May 2010 and got a new buddthe boysy named Dillon (shown on right) for his birthday! They hit it off right away.

Michelle (and Steve, Melissa & Mackenzie)