2017 Adoptions - 65!

45 Cats & 20 Dogs

As of 5/15/17

Web Links

The following web sites have some great information on a wide variety of topics related to animals.  From training, behavior, and wellness to emergency veterinary care, rescue tips, and humane law enforcement resources, these sites provide answers to many frequently asked questions! 


Judy-head-shotJudy Coene is local and owns and maintains a very informative site called Bugsy's Animal Network. It has a lot of helpful information including a list of local rescue groups, spay/neuter programs, lost & found pet resources, humane law enforcement, and emergency veterinary services.  Being local, much of this information is specific to Rochester and the surrounding area.  Click here to view.



 positvely logoVictoria Stilwell, one of the world's most recognized and respected dog trainers, has a web site with a great deal of information on dog training, behavior and wellness.  The Positively Dog Knowledge Center is full of useful information.  Click here to view.



bflogo staBest Friends Animal Society has information on dogs, cats, and other animals.  It includes tips on general pet care, information for animal rescuers, and a variety of documentation on feral cats, colonies and Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) programs.  Click here to view.


lollypop farm logoLollypop Farm has an abundance of information about animal behavior and training on their website AND they operate an a FREE animal behavior help hotline!  Click here to view.