2018 Adoptions - 23!

22 Cats & 1 Dog

As of 2/8/18

Wish List

Individuals and groups can make a vital contribution by collecting and donating needed supplies. Please drop items off in GRASP's donation bin at Petco Greece. Thank you!

Note: We also have an Amazon.com Wish List. Go to our Fundraising page for details!

  • Large and extra large dog collars, leashes, and harnesses.
  • Jerky, pig ears, lambs lung, moist training treats (ex. Fruitables), and Natural Balance Dog Food Roll.
  • Raw hide chips, nylabones, antlers, femur and knuckle bones.
  • Dog belly bands.
  • Wooden baby gates.
  • Cat/kitten dry food (ex. Royal Canin, Blue Buffalo, Iams, Wellness).
  • Cat/kitten can food: Small cans (ex. Fancy Feast and others).
  • KMR Kitten Milk (powder).
  • New or very gently used cat beds. Note: Ultra soft donut cat beds are great for the Petco cat cages!
  • Cat litter (scoopable).
  • New cat toys (no crinkle balls).
  • Capstar (available at Petco - it is a pill that kills fleas within 1/2 hour).
  • Cat grooming supplies (combs, brushes, nail clippers).
  • Paper towels.
  • Small paper plates (6 inch).
  • Postage stamps.
  • HP Printer Ink Cartridges - 02 Series.
  • Pet store gift certificates in any denomination.
  • Gas gift cards for places such as BJ's, Hess, Kwik Fill, Mobile, Sunoco, etc.