2014 Adoptions


165 Cats & 80 Dogs

As of 8/22/14

Donate Your Time

Volunteer Opportunities

A donation of your time would be greatly appreciated. You choose the level of involvement you're comfortable with.

The volunteer opportunities listed below are explained in detail in our Volunteer Packet.

If you find an area that interests you please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Fostering Fundraising Phone Calling
Adoption Events Website Management Newsletter
Launder Bedding Dog Handler Newsletter/Brochure Distribution
Clean Cages Dog Training Taking collection of donated items from wish list
Spread the word! Community Events Make animal related crafts for fundraising
Adoption Counselor Welcome Committee  
Transport Foster Animals Public Outreach  


Community Service

Interested in completing community service requirements? Read our Community Service Volunteer Letter. Age requirements are found in the Volunteer Packet above.

Wish List

Individuals and groups can make a vital contribution by collecting and donating supplies. Here are items of need. Note: We also have an Amazon.com Wish List. Go to our Fundraising page for details.

  • HP Printer Ink Cartridges - 02 Series
  • Dog and cat beds
  • Dog and cat toys
  • Dog and cat food - canned or dry
  • Dog collars, leashes of all sizes
  • Cat litter
  • Scratching boxes
  • Blankets / towels
  • Old Bathroom rugs
  • Grooming supplies (combs, brushes, nail clippers)
  • Postage stamps
  • Gently-used, vinyl-backed bathroom rugs
  • Pet carriers and crates
  • Pet store gift certificates in any denomination
  • Gas gift cards