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Foster Testimonials


Fostering can be such rewarding experience!


Have you ever thought about fostering? Have questions but don't know who to ask? Our sole mission is to be the voice for the stray cats & dogs of Greece, NY. However, we can only help as long as we have volunteers who open their hearts and homes to these animals until they find their fur-ever homes. Below are some of the testimonials that our volunteers have given us. We hope that you will join us & become a foster to see how rewarding it truly can be. Remember helping us, helps them!


 How does someone who has a busy household, live alone, have children, or work full time find time to foster?

"It's just like having your own pet, you find time. It's actually easier because we have such a strong team at GRASP. If you can't get the foster to the vet or an adoption event we have transporters willing to help. You don't have to pay anything out of your pocket for the animals, grasp has food, toys, treats, everything you need!"~Kelly

"I have found that our fosters don't really disrupt our routine. The only hard part for us is taking them for home visits and the pick up/ drop off for a spay or neuter. Luckily all my fosters have been placed pretty quickly."~Bobbi

"Anyone that loves animals mirrors a real person or family out in the world living in the same type of situation and many of those families have pets. It's good for fosters to be from all walks of life, living alone or with children, quiet homes or noisy ones, because we prepare our foster animals for a life with a family that fits them best and that can be in any number of living situations."~Becky

"The animal that I have enriches our lives as much as we do hers. We teach each other things and she gives us her unconditional love and trust." ~Tracy

"It takes maybe 20 minutes a day to care for a foster cat doing the "chore" tasks like feeding and cleaning litter boxes, and the rest is easy! I sit with the kittens and read, watch TV, answer emails, etc. Friends and family like to visit with the kittens and that only helps to socialize and spread the word about them! You can even work veterinarian appointments around your schedule."

 How do you give up the pet you fostered and became attached to? 

 "Knowing they are going to a home where they are wanted and knowing they will be loved. And seeing the new owners reaction."~Patti

"Well, after adopting 3 fosters I was at my town limit! But I was also looking to add more dogs to my house. The majority of dogs that you Foster you're going to want to keep. And obviously, can't keep them all! So you find them the best home and you keep in touch and you wish him well and you're on to the next rescue dog usually within 24 hours who then you need to focus on."~Sharon

"Ugh...the first time was the worst, it was sad. We cried. But knowing we got a dog out of the stress of shelter to help it find a home is totally worth it. Gets easier each time and the sadness is replaced by happiness for the dog and the adopting family!"~Monica

"It's hard, but we always remind ourselves and our kids why we do it; so the animal can get their fur-ever home no matter how long that takes."~Trish

What can you tell a potential new foster about the pros and cons?

"It is a rewarding experience you are able to save lives that otherwise wouldn't be saved."

Pros: the love of the animal, the trust you build with them. The excitement of finding that fur-ever home is the best. Con: missing them when they've gone to that fur-ever home.

"The pros are that it is a very rewarding experience and it saves a life, the con is that you sometimes get attached but sometimes the new adopters are willing to keep in touch."

"The cons would be the adjustment period when you first bring the cat into your home. You need to seclude them and many times they will hide for days if they're frightened. It can be upsetting to see and will test your patience when trying to coax them and feel comfortable. The pro is seeing their personalities come to life once they realize they are in the safe place and you are their friend."

"It is a job worth doing. You cry when you leave them with their new family but after a phone call, email, pictures or two you can let go."