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As of 1/15/18

About Us

It all began many years ago when our founder, Barbara Pingree, worked at the animal hospital where Greece Animal Control rents space. During this time she watched animals coming in through animal control being routinely put down if they were not claimed by their owners. Working on her own, she managed to find homes for some, took some home with her, and transported some to Lollypop Farm, crying as she left because she would never know what their fate would be.

Before long, the groomer at the same animal hospital saw what she was doing and joined in to help. The groomer told some friends. In those early days there were only five women, and their husbands, working together to find homes for the animals and raise funds. It was not easy, but the group was dedicated and they kept going. Eventually, more people joined the cause and on 2/16/96 Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets Incorporated (G.R.A.S.P., Inc.) was born! In February 1997 the group received it's 501C3 non-profit status.

Today the group has many volunteers working in different capacities to support the same mission and vision.

Click here to watch a wonderful video documentary that was made about GRASP!


Mission Statement

GRASP is committed to reducing the number of homeless pets in Greece, New York by decreasing dog and cat reproduction, promoting responsible pet ownership, and placing homeless dogs and cats into compatible, loving, permanent homes.


Vision Statement

GRASP envisions a day when every dog and cat will live in a loving, safe, healthy home environment and will be cared for responsibly and humanely.

Board of Directors

GRASPʼs Board of Directors believes that our clear, concise mission statement should serve as a general operational guide for our organization. Our mission explains why our organization exists and what it hopes to achieve in the future. We find it useful to think of the organizationʼs mission as a bright light, which illuminates GRASPʼs essential nature, its values, and its work.

President - Sharon Jacklin - Email

Vice President - Shelly Stam - Email

Treasurer - Donna Beyea - Email

Secretary - Jill Richards - Email

Cat Team Co-Coordinators - Tami Becker - Email and Nicole Gallo - Email

Dog Team Coordinator - Katy Tumia - Email 

Fundraising Coordinator - Denyse Clark - Email


We invite you to join us in our mission.

We need you.

They need you.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead


GRASP has been a Member of the Greece Chamber of Commerce Since 2003